Visual Controls

TPM Video Series: Labeling Tip for better Visual Controls

In today's video I cover a cost-effective and quick-to-implement tactic that extends the life of equipment labels.

Often equipment labels become unfixed, scrapped and tattered due to the daily wear of plant life. These labels are important visual aids for operators and maintenance technicians and must be easy to read and clearly visible.  Extending the life cycle of these labels becomes an important element of equipment reliability. Applying clear boxing tape over the labels will increase the adhesion surface area to protect labels from oil, lube, moisture; anything that could contaminate or destroy the labels. These are the two quick steps to improve the life cycle of your equipment labels:

Autonomous Maintenance: Make it Visual


Visual controls are a great way to promote autonomous maintenance practices - an essential element ofTotal Productive Maintenance (TPM).

If you haven't done this already consider marking site-windows and pressure gauges so that the optimum operating range is clearly defined. This should 

be done in a way so that even an untrained operator can easily identify the gauge and determine if it is operating within the optimal ranges.

Valves should be marked “normal open” or “normal closed” clearly identifying the position of the valves under normal operating conditions