Growing Your Efficient Storeroom: Part III

From foundational to intermediate: Part III

Last month, we spent time discussing the remaining Strategic Practices: those remaining items identified in yellow blocks:

  • Special Tools
  • Safety Items
  • Materials Scrap
  • Disposal of Scrap
  • Salvage Value

For August, we are going to discuss the Tactical Processes: those items identified in blue blocks:

  • Parts Standardization
  • BOMs
  • Requisition of Material
  • Receiving Purchased Items from Stores
  • Obsolescence
  • Repair or Replace


Figure 1:  Intermediate-Efficient


Making Our Effective Storeroom Efficient

The Foundational Steps Necessary to Move from Effective to Efficient

The role of the Stores Stock Committee becomes intrinsically clearer as this oversight body helps to guide the storeroom organization from effective to efficient.  Much of the detail in last month’s blog concerning the formation, training, and chartering of this leadership group was intended to set the course for future growth.  Up until this point, those processes and procedures established in the effective foundational, and intermediate levels are those commonly practiced by a majority of today’s storerooms.  Going forward, discussions will center on elevating our game to another level.