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Marshall Institute has been recognized by SMRP (the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals) as a leading provider of reliability and physical asset management education and training.  Marshall Institute received exclusive tier 5 recognition through the Approved Provider Education program due to high quality training that aligns with SMRP’s body of knowledge (BoK). The following courses have been approved:


SMRP 2014 Conference Review

2014 SMRP Conference

I had the privilege of attending the 2014 SMRP conference(Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals) in Orlando a few weeks ago. I always look forward to this annual conference. I enjoy spending time at the Marshall Institute Booth with co-workers. It’s always great catching up with colleagues whom I don’t see too often as we all travel so much. Marshall Institute typically works with 30+ clients at any given time. One of the things I love most about my job is that it never gets old. Each client has their own set of goals and opportunities. We help them identify these opportunities, put a strategic plan together as to how to address these opportunities and help them achieve success through training, consulting, and coaching.

Get CMRP Exam Ready: 5 Tips to eliminate exam nerves


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Your accumulated experience in the field of maintenance reliability is, hands down, the best preparation you have for the CMRP Exam.  Study alone, without experience, is not enough to ensure a passing score.  Here are some ideas from maintenance reliability experts who took and passed the CMRP.

1. Try to Answer the Question, “How Ready Am I Really?

Assess your current understanding of exam concepts by reviewing the CMRP Exam Body of Knowledge and Certification Guidelines.  Take SMRP’s sample test ( to see how prepared you are.  From there, you can develop a list of gaps to better target your study.  

India's first Reliability Maintenance Council is formed



MUMBAI, INDIA -- The Indian Reliability Maintenance Council (IRMC)  was recently formed by the attendees of Joel Leonard’s February 2012 “Fighting the Maintenance Crisis Workshop”.  The impetus for forming the council was the enormous task of maintaining large, aging infrastructure and dealing with a long list of industrial challenges including: equipment failures, production outages, budget cuts, deferred maintenance expenses, skilled workforce challenges and increasing inflationary costs.

Greetings from the 2011 SMRP Conference

I’ve been in attendance at the 2011 SMRP conference in Greensboro,NC.  Marshall Institute has an exhibitor booth set up and I have had the pleasure of manning this booth at various times when not attending the many training sessions offered this week.  I have really enjoyed getting reacquainted with clients and friends I have had the pleasure of working with in the past as well as meeting new friends and acquaintances who share my passion for maintenance and reliability.  If you are not an SMRP member, I highly recommend this organization.  SMRP is a great recourse for improving your maintenance knowledge and skills through training, literature, networking, and support.  Some of the highlights of this conference have been; really interesting papers, workshops, and breakout sessions given by many of the “Who’s Who” of the maintenance and reliability world.  The exhibition hall was also packed with leading industry companies offering products and services specifically related to maintenance and reliability.

Maintenance Seminar Prize Winner

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'Prizes are fun.' A statement that I am sure most people can agree with.  In March of this year, to add a little extra fun to the maintenance training world, Marshall Institute ran a limited time give-away for a brand new iPad 2. The obvious allure of the much talked about iPad 2 led to great interest. Many people entered the draw; however, as we all know there is only one winner. That fortunate person is James Branom, a TPM Technician, from Bosch llc.

James Branom with his new 'toy'.