Skill TV

Anticipating failures

On this edition of Skill TV - Augie Schumacher, reliability engineer from Infralogix, illustrates the importance of implementing predictive technologies.

Skill TV is "A joint venture between and Joel Leonard, Skill TV is an Internet- based TV show that illustrates Leonard's fight against the maintenance crisis."

Wanted: Qualified Industry Job Candidates

Today we are releasing another Joel Leonard and Skill TV video. Marshall institute is working with Joel, known in the community as the maintenance evangelist, to promote the message of the importance maintenance and reliability in industry.

Joel interviews Charles Kelly, a Plant Engineer from major manufacturing organization. This video highlights, despite the weakened economy, the need for qualified candidates is still present.

One of the biggest challenges many individuals are facing today is finding well paid industry jobs. Conversely, due to the high number of applicant rates, one of the difficulties companies are experiencing is finding qualified applicants. The key message from this video is that good job are out there; however, people need to develop the right skill sets to match the job description.  For those searching for industry work, find out what jobs are in high demand in your region then build your skill set to become qualified. Strengthen your skill set and increase your chances of finding a good job.

Enjoy the video...