Root Cause Analysis

How often should PM strategies and tasks be reviewed?

The question is often asked “how often should PM strategies and tasks be reviewed?’"Here are 3 processes an organization should have in place to support PM reviews.

Root Cause Analysis  review:  Each time an RCA is performed on failed equipment a review of the maintenance strategy should also be performed.  The review of the maintenance strategy including the PM tasks should determine if a task exists that is supposed to prevent or identify early the incipient failure that ultimately led to the failure of the equipment. 

If a task exists it should be determined if the task was performed properly.  If the task was performed properly then the task should be changed as its ineffective.  If the task was not performed properly then training should be provided to so that the task will be performed properly in the future. If no task exists then one should be developed and added to the PM procedure and the maintenance strategy updated.

Fix Your Leaks: The Consequences of Leaking Equipment

If the culture of your organization is such that instead of fixing leaking equipment you build dams of absorbent socks, fabricate “drip-pans”, permanently attach vacuum systems to collect coolant, oil, or water and empty them back into the appropriate reservoir; you are at risk.

Why Should Leaks Be Fixed?