Reactive Maintenance

Reliability Matters: Planned Maintenance Vs Reactive Maintenance

Reliability matters, whether it is in your personal life or on the factory floor.  It is generally assumed to cost 2 to 5 times more for breakdown maintenance as the same job in a planned, scheduled environment. This is a truth I was recently reminded of.

During a 600-mile drive to a family reunion my truck's fuel pump failed.  The cost of repair and towing was $781, even with a few towing miles paid by AAA. The lost-time on the trip was 5 hours.  All in all, it was a pretty "fortunate failure" and I was able to coast to an off-ramp, and roll right into a parking lot when the truck died.  In addition to that good fortune a nearby garage could get me in within two hours of the breakdown and the parts were available the same day. Another garage I called had no time available for almost a week.

To calculate the cost of this breakdown failure in comparison to a scheduled failure, I did a search and found that the fuel pump and filter if purchased at a local parts store would total $275.  The labor for the job was about 3 hours and they kept my fuel in the tank.