Maintenance Troubleshooting

Maintenance Troubleshooting (Quick Tip)


The first key element to solid troubleshooting is "Understanding the System".   If you do not understand the system, read the manuals, articles, web information, and/or Youtube videos to get up to speed.

Of course the best time to invest in the research is before the equipment is down!



Effective Maintenance Troubleshooting: 6 Key Elements

We in the reliability consulting and training profession, spend the majority of our time teaching ways to prevent equipment and system failure. Knowledge of effective troubleshooting practices can go a long way toward getting equipment back on line quickly. Unfortunately, due to many reasons troubleshooting occupies too much of a technician's time.

Working as a maintenance technician for 17 years I learned many tips and tricks for troubleshooting equipment. In the past 11 years working in consulting I have refined those field-learned tips and tricks into repeatable processes. You might consider these six key elements to improve your troubleshooting skills: