Maintenance Excellence

World-Class Maintenance: Key Activities

In 2010 I flew 232,000 miles and circumvented the world several times to support clients achieve their reliability goals.  So far in 2011 I’ve worked in North Dakota, Florida, Oregon, Texas, Louisiana, Korea, Malaysia, and Scotland.   My point is not to promote my busy travel schedule but to shed light on some commonalities of mainte

nance, no matter the country or industry. 

I admit there are nuances that make certain operating environments different and sometimes unique, however I have listed some key maintenance activities that are required for any operation to become world-class. This by no means is an exhuastive list, just some key activities.

When 'Good Enough' is Not Good Enough

One issue we face in many maintenance departments is that we accept "good enough".  I have worked in many maintenance organizations in my career and find that "good enough" and "close enough" can be the source of many equipment reliability problems.

Often we find that small issues become large problems.  When quality work is not the norm, equipment reliability and performance will suffer. WrenchWhen the grease we install in bearings, the alignment of the motor, the torque of the bolt, the belt tension, the chain tension, the allowable chain stretch, the pulley condition....are ‘close enough', production output will be close, but not enough.  Why? Because precision matters.