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Maintenance & Reliability Management Diploma: Graduation Announcement

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The Office of Professional Development at North Carolina State University is pleased to announce that the following people have successfully completed the requirements for the Advanced Diploma in Maintenance and Reliability Management (MRM):
  • Kevin Cavanaugh, Cheniere, Cameron, LA
  • Silviu Diaconu, Tembec Kapuskasing, Kapuskasing, Canada
  • Jeremiah Evans, GKN Driveline, Newton, NC
  • David Farmer, SPX Transformer Solutions, Goldsboro, NC
  • Kenny Hager, GKN Driveline, Newton, NC

MRM Participant Travels 156 hours to Attend Program!

Baba Salihi, of West Africa, recently graduated from Marshall Institute and NC State’s Maintenance and Reliability Management (MRM) Diploma Program.  To receive the diploma, participants must attend three classes/modules, successfully pass assessments, and complete homework.  Baba went beyond the call of duty by traveling 156 hours total from Akjoujt, north of Mauritania.  “Why would anyone do this?” you must wonder.  Baba explains that MRM is “one of the best maintenance training programs in the world!”  

Excerpts from an interview with Baba on how MRM made his travels totally worthwhile: 

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SMRP 2014 Conference Review

2014 SMRP Conference

I had the privilege of attending the 2014 SMRP conference(Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals) in Orlando a few weeks ago. I always look forward to this annual conference. I enjoy spending time at the Marshall Institute Booth with co-workers. It’s always great catching up with colleagues whom I don’t see too often as we all travel so much. Marshall Institute typically works with 30+ clients at any given time. One of the things I love most about my job is that it never gets old. Each client has their own set of goals and opportunities. We help them identify these opportunities, put a strategic plan together as to how to address these opportunities and help them achieve success through training, consulting, and coaching.

Get CMRP Exam Ready: 5 Tips to eliminate exam nerves


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Your accumulated experience in the field of maintenance reliability is, hands down, the best preparation you have for the CMRP Exam.  Study alone, without experience, is not enough to ensure a passing score.  Here are some ideas from maintenance reliability experts who took and passed the CMRP.

1. Try to Answer the Question, “How Ready Am I Really?

Assess your current understanding of exam concepts by reviewing the CMRP Exam Body of Knowledge and Certification Guidelines.  Take SMRP’s sample test ( to see how prepared you are.  From there, you can develop a list of gaps to better target your study.  

Continuing Education for Reliability Leaders

A "Round Table" Conference Call

August 23, 2011, five graduates of the Advanced Diploma in Maintenance and Reliability Management (MRM) participants gathered to discuss how things were going since graduating from Marshall Institute and North Carolina State University’s diploma program.

Maintenance & Reliability Management Diploma Interview

A series of interviews with Advanced Maintenance & Reliability Management graduates.

I recently caught up with Steven Bean, Sr. Facilities Maintenance Manager for RF Micro Devices to discuss the impact the advanced maintenance and reliability diploma has had on him as a maintenance and reliability professional and his work.

Rinnette Lowder (RL), Marshall Institute Interviewer, Who do you work for and what do you do?

Advanced Maintenance & Reliability Management Diploma

An Interview with 2009 advanced maintenance and reliability management diplomaGraduate Kevin Conrad, Novozymes Project Execution/Maintenance Manager; Blair, NE. 

To evaluate the long term impact of the Advanced MRM Diploma we contact past graduates. We recently spoke with Kevin Conrad. After speaking with Kevin, we felt that his responses were worth sharing with all future diploma students. Kevin summerizes the impact of NC State's and Marshall Institute’s MRM Diploma as, “no matter how mature or in need of improvement your organization is, this diploma will help you attain your goals.” 

Rinnette Lowder; Marshall Institute Interviewer (RL):  Tell us about your company and yourself.