Making Our Effective Storeroom Efficient

The Foundational Steps Necessary to Move from Effective to Efficient

The role of the Stores Stock Committee becomes intrinsically clearer as this oversight body helps to guide the storeroom organization from effective to efficient.  Much of the detail in last month’s blog concerning the formation, training, and chartering of this leadership group was intended to set the course for future growth.  Up until this point, those processes and procedures established in the effective foundational, and intermediate levels are those commonly practiced by a majority of today’s storerooms.  Going forward, discussions will center on elevating our game to another level.

Justify Maintenance Storeroom Attendants measuring current costs

Many companies do not have the proper staffing in their storeroom to provide world-class services to their maintenance department.  These services include but are not limited to; kitting parts for planned work, ordering the right parts in the most economic quantity, reserving parts for future work and delivering parts to maintenance.  The number one reason listed by these understaffed organization's for being understaffed is a lack of money.  

World-class companies overcome this obstacle by identifying the cost savings associated with each of these services.  So, what happens when a storeroom isn't staffed properly and run efficiently? Maintenance craftspeople may start to gather their own parts, reducing their wrench-time; stocking-out of parts when they are needed, resulting in extended production downtime and the ensuing extraordinary efforts and cost of getting parts delivered are only a few to name, the list is extensive.

Maintenance & Reliability Best Practices for Triathlons

Last Saturday, Andy Gager, Ricardo Garcia (Senior Consultant) and I took part in a triathlon called “Over the Mountain”, located in Kings Mountain NC.  The race consisted of a 1 mile lake swim, a 28 mile bike course and a 6.2 mile run. Racing in different age groups we each posted respectable times.  Ricardo’s outstanding performance earned him 7th place; out of 440 Marshall Institute Group on Race Dayracers. 

MRO Storeroom Best Practices - Are you Kitting me?

The storeroom is an integral part of an efficient and effective maintenance process. Equipment reliability, uptime, and frontline productivity rely on having the right spare parts and tools available in the right quantity when the work order is scheduled.  That's why having the correct tactical and strategic processes in place can turn your storeroom into a profit center.  Today we are going to focus on kitting, one of the key tactical processes.  Kitting is the process of identifying and preparing - in advance - the material and tools required to successfully execute the work order in the least disruptive manner.  Effective kitting requires other key maintenance systems such as planning, scheduling, and an established PM program to be in place.