Hank Bardel

Hank Bardel: 1945 - 2015

It is with sadness in our hearts to share the news that our friend and colleague, Hank Bardel, passed away on Wednesday, August 5. 

Because Hank was such a big part of Marshall Institute, we felt it appropriate that Hank’s family asked our CEO, Dale Blann, to share some thoughts about Hank at his memorial service.  Following is an excerpt from Dale’s tribute to Hank: 

Marshall Institute has lost a part of who it is—Hank was the perfect embodiment of all those qualities and virtues we have always wanted Marshall Institute instructors and consultants to project to the world. 

We all learned a lot from Hank.  What we learned from Hank made it possible for many of us to know what we were supposed to be doing.  It was Hank’s simple coaching, and the example he set, that showed the rest of us how it could be done.

It was an understatement to say that Hank could tell a story—for all I know, some of them may have been true.  But it wasn’t really the truth of the story that mattered—it was the message.  I’m pretty sure that for almost every learning point he taught in his classes—Hank had a story associated with it, by which, he could make the point more relevant, more memorable—and more often than not, funny.