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Meredith RozierIn today’s fast paced world we are losing touch with the human side of business. In an attempt to rectify this I would like to introduce a member of the Marshall Institute family, and what better way than through our new blog. My hope is that you feel better acquainted with Marshall Institute, and you know who to contact if you need any support.

This week I would like to introduce Meredith Rozier, our Seminar Coordinator:

Meredith’s primary role is the organization and planning of the annual maintenance training schedule. In doing this, Meredith selects seminar locations (both City and hotel), frequency and timing. Basically, she makes thepublic seminars happen. (Although as modest as she is, she would never say that herself)

In addition to her seminar scheduling duties, Meredith also takes fantastic care of all the seminar attendees who we are fortunate to meet in our Raleigh-based seminars.  Those who have had the pleasure of meeting Meredith understand what I mean.  Can you smell those freshly baked cookies yet?

If you have any questions regarding our maintenance training schedule or logistics, Meredith would love to hear from you; please call her on 800-637-0120.

For those who have met Meredith, you already know what I am talking about. For those who haven't, I hope you now feel better acquainted with her and Marshall Institute.

As Meredith would say, 'have a great day'.

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