Maintenance Training to Meet Your 2011 Goals

Marshall Institute Training Center
Here’s a quick glimpse at the main Marshall Institute Training room in the Raleigh, NC office. Those who have attended training with us will of course be familiar with the picture. For those who are scheduled to attend an upcoming seminar in Raleigh, we look forward to seeing you. 

The purpose of our training facility is to transfer skills to maintenance and reliability professionals. The training topics we currently offer cover key areas of maintenance improvement: Leadership, maintenance systems, proactive strategies and reliability improvement. Included with all of our seminars is access to a post seminar training review tool we call an “E-Learning Lab”. This is a summary presentation, consisting of PowerPoint presentation and instructor voice-over, to help attendees share the message back at their facility. 

To determine what maintenance training seminar is best for you, first determine your goals, both department and personal. What skills do you need to strengthen to attain your goals, what knowledge must you acquire to grow the efficiency, effectiveness and performance of your department and organization. When you know your goals, review each seminar’s Learning Objectives and agenda to ensure that your goals will be met. If you have questions please call the office at 1-800-637-0120. 

All training formats have specific benefits. It is your goal to determine what benefits best suit your needs. In addition to public seminars (when you come to our facility or other selected location) we offer on-site training (at your location for your company only) and webinar training. The benefit to the public seminars is the knowledge sharing that happens when you get face to face with the instructor and other attendees from different companies and industries. You can learn what others’ are doing, what has been successful for them and what hasn’t. If you really connect with the other attendees you can create a network of maintenance professionals you can contact for continued knowledge sharing.

The first step in successful training is to determine your goals. Once you have defined your goals you will be in a better situation to select the appropriate seminar. For those reviewing training for 2011 please ask yourself that question. You invest good money in training and you deserve to receive as much value from it as you can. Our 2011 training calendar is now up on our website.  If there are any topics that meet your goals visit our website to register, or call at 1-800-637-0120 if you have any questions. 

Have a great day.


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