Establishing Proactive Maintenance


How can you move from a reactive to a proactive maintenance environment?

One element of this answer, although not as simple as it seems, is through structure and organization. A key system for establishing a proactive maintenance department is setting up an effective PM program. The difficulty in establishing an effective PM program is keeping up with PMs when there is so much emergency work.

To change your behaviors and ensure that the PMs are completed, your maintenance crew cannot be pulled away from PMs to do corrective or emergency work. One way to alleviate this problem is to create a dedicated PM team/crew that handles PMs only. Now, as fires will still need to be put out you must establish a dedicated "Do it Now" Squad (DIN) to manage all emergency work. The beauty to this organization and structure is that as the PM crew hits their goals, the DIN Squad will have less emergency work to do.

Over time, with other elements such as planning and scheduling, this behavior will help to transition a reactive environment to a proactive environment.

For more information on this structure, check out ourarticle published in Uptime Magazine.


If you have any maintenance and reliability tips you would like to share please leave them in the comment box below.  


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