Tidy Up Your TPM

Fall is in the air. The nights are getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, and the leaves are starting to change colors here in the Mountains of North Carolina. Fall has always been my favorite season for many reasons; including, Friday night High School football games, County fairs, church BBQ’s and most of all deer season!

Fall is also a great time to re-evaluate your TPM/TPR processes. To help self-evaluate your processes ask yourself these key questions:

  • Are your Autonomous Care Standards up to date?
  • Have you completed all of our action items and corrective work orders from the Basic Equipment Care workshops completed this year?
  • Have you entered our Standardized Work Documents into your document control systems? Are the revisions up to date?
  • Are you on schedule to our yearly TPM/TPR plan?
  • Are you conducting an end of year TPM/TPR audit? And if so, are you prepared for it?

In addition, TPM/TPR Coordinators and Steering Committees should ask themselves this key question:

  1. The year is ¾ complete, are we where we want to be in our TPM/TPR journey?

If the answer is honestly YES, then well done! If it is NO, there is still time to plan, adjust, and improve your TPM/TPR processes. To do this effectively you need to be start evaluating and assessing now.

I hope this post prompts you to take a few minutes to review your TPM/Total Process Reliability processes. May you enjoy this wonderful Fall season as much as I plan to.

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