Productivity Improvement through Total Productive Maintenance

Productivity is the ratio of output over input. Outputs are the products or services a company produces, while inputs are those resources (energy, labor, equipment, materials) we use to create the outputs.

To improve that ratio, and productivity, you could keep the same level of inputs while increasing outputs or reduce inputs while keeping outputs the same. However, to optimize this ratio, you must increase output while reducing inputs. The opportunity is not to just do the right things, it is doing the right things right! That is productivity improvement.

To achieve optimal productivity requires improving the process of converting input to outputs.  Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your systems and you will improve productivity.

Feedback is vital for process improvement. It is the verbal update from process stakeholders on how well you are doing. To be effective, feedback needs to be accurate and prompt. It has to tell you where you are and what changes you need to make to stay on track. It is much like a compass and map to the navigator of a boat. It shows you the relationship of where you are to where you want to go. It would be difficult to navigate without a map and compass. Measurement is Feedback.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a proven strategy for improving process, reliability and productivity.  Successfully implementing TPM also strengthens a company’s continuous improvement outlook. This means that continued productivity improvement is very possible.  

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