Greetings from the 2011 SMRP Conference

I’ve been in attendance at the 2011 SMRP conference in Greensboro,NC.  Marshall Institute has an exhibitor booth set up and I have had the pleasure of manning this booth at various times when not attending the many training sessions offered this week.  I have really enjoyed getting reacquainted with clients and friends I have had the pleasure of working with in the past as well as meeting new friends and acquaintances who share my passion for maintenance and reliability.  If you are not an SMRP member, I highly recommend this organization.  SMRP is a great recourse for improving your maintenance knowledge and skills through training, literature, networking, and support.  Some of the highlights of this conference have been; really interesting papers, workshops, and breakout sessions given by many of the “Who’s Who” of the maintenance and reliability world.  The exhibition hall was also packed with leading industry companies offering products and services specifically related to maintenance and reliability.

The NASCAR theme of this year’s conference has really 'driven home' the fact that NASCAR shares many parallels to the maintenance and reliability world.  NASCAR must also continuously improve their processes, maintenance plans, and equipment life in order to be competitive.  They accomplish these tasks by striving to be the best. They depend on improvement efforts that are driven from the top and supported from the bottom and vice versa. In other words, they have the support of top management to solicit ideas and suggestions from mechanics, drivers (operators), engineers, vendors, and customers to make them competitive. This is the same philosophy we teach at Marshall Institute for you to make your improvement efforts successful. NASCAR teams are the ultimate practitioners of MRO Stores; they absolutely must have the right parts at the right time in the right quantities in order to make necessary repairs to be competitive.  

Well, I have to go, Greg Folts - President of Marshall Institute - is presenting at 1:30pm and I want to attend.

 Till next time, Cheers.


Mark Jolley, Greg Folts and Andy Gager talking with a friend at our booth

Greg Folts delivers a paper with Don Beatty of Rock Tenn in a packed session

Tom Furnival speaks with Holcim's Kelly Broad

Tom Furnival hands over the iPad 2 (C) survey winner Dennis Nolan

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