Justify Maintenance Storeroom Attendants


...by measuring current costs

Many companies do not have the proper staffing in their storeroom to provide world-class services to their maintenance department.  These services include but are not limited to; kitting parts for planned work, ordering the right parts in the most economic quantity, reserving parts for future work and delivering parts to maintenance.  The number one reason listed by these understaffed organization's for being understaffed is a lack of money.  

World-class companies overcome this obstacle by identifying the cost savings associated with each of these services.  So, what happens when a storeroom isn't staffed properly and run efficiently? Maintenance craftspeople may start to gather their own parts, reducing their wrench-time; stocking-out of parts when they are needed, resulting in extended production downtime and the ensuing extraordinary efforts and cost of getting parts delivered are only a few to name, the list is extensive.

Most companies report their craftspeople spend an average of two hours a day looking for parts and tools.  These costs are significant and in most cases far exceed the salaries of additional storeroom people.

If you work in an organization whose maintenance storeroom is not being properly staffed, and the reason is lack of money, try and highlight the waste and unnecessary cost associated with the current inefficiencies. If you can justify more storeroom support using the common language of money you should gain the requisite support.

If you have any feedback on storeroom staffing please leave a comment below.

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