Greg's Total Productive Maintenance Tips

With more than 17 years experience I feel that I have accumulated some useful Total Productive Maintenance/Total Process Reliability (TPM/TPR ) tips.  In today's blog post I want to share a few of these tips with you.  They should provide valuable ways to improve and optimize your TPM/TPR process.

4 Effective and Quick Tips

  1. Conduct a safety walk-through before the start of any Basic Equipment Care (BEC) workshop. Also conduct a safety and lock-out review before hitting the floor each day.
  2. Cleaning is inspection! With over 17 years of TPM/TPR implementation experience, it still amazes me how effective cleaning is at exposing defects. I have learned that if I see dirt, I will find defects when we clean.
  3. 5S is a great preparation activity for Total Productive Maintenance (TPM/TPR). It is fairly easy to implement and generally does not require a lot of maintenance resources. It can help show visible results and demonstrate that change is possible within the current environment.
  4. Quantify the improvements in your Total Productive Maintenance (TPM/TPR) process by documenting improvements in parts cost, equipment efficiency, quality, and reduced oil consumption. Partner with safety and environmental programs by demonstrating the impact of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM/TPR) on safety and the environment. The more value you highlight, the more support you'll receive.

If you have any Total Productive Maintenance/Total Process Reliability tips you want to share please add them to the comment box below.

Thanks for reading! 

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