Get CMRP Exam Ready: 5 Tips to eliminate exam nerves


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Your accumulated experience in the field of maintenance reliability is, hands down, the best preparation you have for the CMRP Exam.  Study alone, without experience, is not enough to ensure a passing score.  Here are some ideas from maintenance reliability experts who took and passed the CMRP.

1. Try to Answer the Question, “How Ready Am I Really?

Assess your current understanding of exam concepts by reviewing the CMRP Exam Body of Knowledge and Certification Guidelines.  Take SMRP’s sample test ( to see how prepared you are.  From there, you can develop a list of gaps to better target your study.  

2. Delve Into Industry Books

Consider studying this list of recommended books—they are listed in order of priority:

  • Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices, Second Edition, by Ramesh Gulati—this author helped write the CMRP Exam
  • Reliability-Centered Maintenance, Second Edition by John Moubray—while this book does not cover all aspects of the CMRP Body of Knowledge, it is a comprehensive resource that explains, in detail, the overall methodology of maintenance reliability concepts
  • Making Common Sense, Common Practice:  Models for Manufacturing Excellence by Ron Moore
  • Visit SMRP's website for other recommended study resources:

3. Reach Out for Help

During each of North Caroline State University and Marshall Institute’s Maintenance and Reliability Management modules, we encourage participants to talk with our CMRP instructors.  While they can’t provide content information, they can provide general test-taking guidance and tips.

4. Don’t Get Bogged Down in the Mire 

Form an effective test taking strategy AHEAD of time.Test Taking, CMRP  You have two and a half hours to answer 110 questions, or about 1 minute per question, so it is imperative that you pace yourself and not get stuck on one question.  Consider implementing this technique: 

  • Read through each question and answer choice, answer it, and then mark it according to these criteria:
  • If you are sure you answered the question correctly, don't mark it.
  • If you are NOT sure you got the question correct, mark it with one check mark, which means to come back and answer it first when you are done answering all the questions on the exam.
  • If the question is hard and you know you got it wrong, mark it with two check marks, which means to come back to it AFTER you review the ones you think you got correct.

5. Celebrate!

The fact that you are even taking the CMRP Exam says a lot of where you are professionally.  You are clearly desiring to stretch and grow yourself in the industry and your line of work.  Taking and passing the CMRP Exam is a big accomplishment, that is worth celebrating.  Congratulations.



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