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Maintenance & Reliability Management Diploma Interview


A series of interviews with Advanced Maintenance & Reliability Management graduates.

I recently caught up with Steven Bean, Sr. Facilities Maintenance Manager for RF Micro Devices to discuss the impact the advanced maintenance and reliability diploma has had on him as a maintenance and reliability professional and his work.

Rinnette Lowder (RL), Marshall Institute Interviewer, Who do you work for and what do you do?

Steven Bean (SB):  I work for RF Micro Devices. We design and fabricate semi-conductor circuit components for the wireless industry.  Our broad product range supports many industries, but our focus is cellular.  Being the world's leading supplier of cellular front ends with a broad product portfolio covering all air interface standards, requires strong commitment to quality.

RL:  Why did you select the MRM Diploma?

SB:  After spending nearly 15 years as an engineering project manager, I moved to manage the maintenance group for all of our domestic production facilities.  I pursued several certification programs to educate myself on effective maintenance theory.  However, I still lacked a clear cohesive strategy on maintenance and reliability management, and decided to take the MRM course.

The MRM diploma provides an excellent management education.  It serves as a practical guidebook for addressing all reliability facets when developing your own program.

RL:  How would you describe the diploma to future students?

SB:  The seminar sessions were well organized and well presented.  There was absolutely no “throw away” information; it was all high quality and relevant.  The homework requirements reinforced the need to utilize the knowledge gained.  I really valued the insight gained on strategic development and the risk and reliability management function. 

RL:  Outside of course content, what were other benefits did you receive from the Diploma?

SB:  Having the opportunity to share experiences and solutions with other maintenance professionals was immeasurable.  This informal benchmarking provided a good reference for my own group.  Additionally, I made contacts for future consultation.

RL:  How has the diploma impacted your daily work?

SB:  I still keep the reference material and my notes within arm’s reach.  I have been sharing the knowledge I learned with my department and implementing new techniques into our current practices.

RL:  How do you see the Diploma helping in the future?

SB:  The knowledge I gained has solidified plans for moving my department forward.  Having a clear plan with industry-tested principles will propel our department to a best-in-class operation and add to my company’s bottom-line.

RL:  Would you recommend this seminar and if so, why?

SB:  I would, and have recommended this Diploma!!!!  I am sending my reporting managers to it.  I believe the concise material presentation, with reinforcing homework provides the best and fastest option for developing and integrating real change within your organization.

Steven Bean receives his MRM diploma from Marshall Institute's VP of International Programs, Tracy Strawn

From everyone at Marshall Institute and NC State University, we wish Steven and all our Advanced Maintenance & Reliability Management graduates best of luck on their maintenance and reliability journey.



Rinnette Lowder 

Instructional Designer

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