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Recognized Leader in Reliability Training

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Marshall Institute has been recognized by SMRP (the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals) as a leading provider of reliability and physical asset management education and training.  Marshall Institute received exclusive tier 5 recognition through the Approved Provider Education program due to high quality training that aligns with SMRP’s body of knowledge (BoK). The following courses have been approved:


Growing Your Efficient Storeroom

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From foundational to intermediate

Maintenance & Reliability Management Diploma: Graduation Announcement

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The Office of Professional Development at North Carolina State University is pleased to announce that the following people have successfully completed the requirements for the Advanced Diploma in Maintenance and Reliability Management (MRM):

Making Our Effective Storeroom Efficient

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The Foundational Steps Necessary to Move from Effective to Efficient

MRM Participant Travels 156 hours to Attend Program!

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Baba Salihi, of West Africa, recently graduated from Marshall Institute and NC State’s Maintenance and Reliability Management (MRM) Diploma Program.  To receive the diploma, participants must attend three classes/modules, successfully pass assessments, and complete homework.  Baba went beyond the call of duty by traveling 156 hours total from Akjoujt, north of Mauritania.  “Why would anyone do this?” you must wonder.  Baba explains that MRM is “one of the best maintenance training programs in the world!”  

Excerpts from an interview with Baba on how MRM made his travels totally worthwhile: 

The Stores Stock Committee: Straightening Roads & Leveling Mountains

Step 3 of the 8 Phases

For this month’s blog, we are going to slow down just a little and spend some time discussing a nuance that will be critical for the storeroom to successfully advance from effective to efficient. For this transformation, we must have an active support structure to provide guidance, oversight, and clout, essentially straightening roads and leveling the mountains of obstacles that might impede progress.

Companies that have ventured into Total Process Reliability (TPR) with Marshall Institute will recognize the support structure necessity as being step 3 of the 8-phase change model.


Advance the Foundation of YOUR Effective Storeroom

Effective and Efficient Processes and Practices

Last month we discussed the processes and practices that are necessary for a storeroom to be effective at a very ‘foundational’ level.  Those specific activities are important as they are the building blocks of a world class MRO inventory process.  From here, we build upon the groundwork just laid and grow to an intermediate level of effectiveness, while continuing to develop processes that lead us to higher performance.

Becoming 'YOUR BEST' Maintenance Supervisor

Tom Furnival

“A real leader or supervisor’s success is not solely measured on their personal ability, but is better measured by the success of the team they lead. This success is based both on the personal and professional growth of the team they lead.” R. Scott Smith.

Before your storeroom can be efficient, it must first be effective

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Welcome back!  This month, we are going to discuss the initial step of making your maintenance storeroom effective.  We are often contacted by clients who tend to share a common vision and goal, asking “Can you help us make our storeroom more efficient?”  “Of course we can, that’s what we do!”  It’s usually during this first contact with the client that we’ll caution, “First, let’s make sure your storeroom is effective.” 

Introduction to World Class Inventory Management

An Ideal Storeroom

Welcome and thanks for visiting! This is the first edition in a 12-month series of blog entries, designed to discuss and explain high level storeroom performance. It should also help create a compelling case for change at your plant or location.

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